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The Family Album

Carole Ann 

I am a single mom and  I have an 18 yr old daughter "Samantha".  We live a simple lifestyle, surrounded by family and friends. It has not been easy for us but I still consider us as being blessed.  We have an abundance of the most important things which are love and respect for each other.  When all else fails we then fall back on our ability to find humor it all situations.  Make that a really sick and twisted sense
of humor :-) 


Hiya!  My name is Samantha, and NO I can't twitch my nose and make stuff
happen!!!  Bummer....!  :0)  I am 18, currently finishing up High School, and looking forward to college.  I consider myself to be a twisted individual, and I have many equally twisted friends.  I love to write, draw my own comics and cartoons ( especially my psycho-ducks :0), listen to music, watch movies, and play video games.  I am an Aquarius, a vegetarian, and I am anti-Leonardo DiCRAPrio!!!  LOL

Sammy's Realm 

Baby Tasha

I left the North Shore animal shelter for this?!  Who are these lunatics?  Why am I here?   Why are they so much bigger than me?  Why won't the light bulb answer me when I bark at it?  Why can't I catch that long thing at the end of my butt?  Why won't it stop following me?  GO AWAY!!!

Adult Tasha

See above comments...still no answers.  But I have grown very fond of this place and I love these people.  I have a good life.  I get my food and water (I love toilet water).  They play with me and walk me.  I even get to sleep on my mom's bed with her.  Actually I have decided it is my bed but I allow her to sleep with ME.  We also have these 2 cats that I love to chase.  Not to harm them.  Just to watch them run away...I love that.  So life here has been good to me.
P.S. from her family....Tasha you sweet, adorable dog we miss you ....Tasha 5/4/92 - 3/6/98

Harley & Topanga (Yodey) Kittens 

Well we were nice and happy under that car until this lady scooped us up.  So BIG DEAL we had eye infections and could not see.  And Harley (the black kitty) doesn't mind that he has only has 1 eye.  And we have started naming the little hitchhikers that are in our fur.  What is she doing now?  We hear the sound of WATER....OH NO WHAT IS SHE DOING NOW????

Harley ( adult )   
Meow ( "Hi!" ).  I'm Harley One-Eye.  Y'know, I didn't always have only one eye.  It's a funny story really.  One day ( before the crazy lady picked us up ) I felt the urge to sneeze.  I did so, and all of a sudden I could only see out of one eye.  I didn't know that I had blown out my
eye then, but I kind of got the hint as the weeks went by and my sight in my left eye did not return.  Oh well!  No biggie!  Since my eye was sown shut by the vet, I have found that it is my favorite spot to be petted on.  Come on, man!  Rub my socket!!

Topanga-Yodey   ( adult )

Meow ( "Hi!" )   My name is Topanga and Yodey.  The two wackos that picked me up could not decide on one name for me, so they gave me two names.  My favorite pasttimes include going to my older sister's gate when I hear a strange noise in the morning ( I think she calls it an "Alarm-clock", whatever that is..) and meowing until she opens the door.
I also like to eat plants.  I like to steal stuff too ( I'm really good at that! ) I think very highly of myself.  I know for a fact that I am better than all of you!!  Bow down to me, Queen Topanga-Yodey!!! 

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